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Original Expansion BoltsLifetime Expansion BoltsSupreme Expansion Bolts


Original Expansion Bolt

Original Expansion Bolt Type 1100Church Pew Installers Use Our Bolts For New And Restoration Projects

The Original Chicago Expansion Bolt consists of a taper-headed bolt, lead sleeve, metal cone and nut completely assembled.  When installed, the taper-head of the bolt and metal cone expand the lead sleeve to fill all the pores and crevices of the material in which it is set.

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Lifetime Expansion Bolt

Lifetime Expansion Bolt Type 2100Expansion Bolts for Stadium Seating

They call this the "Expansion Bolt that won't pull out."  Its superiority over other anchors comes from its steel cone, which expands over the head of the bolts when set.  This, plus an extra long lead sleeve, assures maximum holding power-far beyond normal requirements-up to the tensile strength of the bolt.  It is one anchor that won't pull out.  It is especially effective in over-sized holes.  Vibration cannot loosen the Lifetime and it will not damage the face of masonry.

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Supreme Expansion Bolt

Supreme Expansion Bolt Type 5100Seating anchors

Same design as Lifetime except for packaging method.  To save time and speed installation, Chicago Supreme Expansion Bolts are packed in this container, which holds the assembled bolts in upright position convenient to pick up and drop in the hole.  The nuts are packed in a separate box at one end of the container for ready use.

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Click here for installation instructions on expansion bolts.

To download PDF file of the Expansion Bolt installation instructions click here.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent In Poor Concrete-Lead is malleable so it flows into the crevices of the concrete. The anchor reduces the chances of concrete spalling creating holding power along the entire length of the lead sleeve, rather than at a single point like some anchors.

  • Easy Alignment-The bolt can be tapped over slightly to match the holes on the fixture when drilled holes are misaligned.

  • Strong and Reliable-The 1/4" bolt and 3/8 bolt have been tested in 3,000 PSI concrete at an average pullout of 2,700 pounds and 5,500 pounds respectively.  Actual pullout depends on the type of concrete and other installation factors.  A safe load factor of 5:1 is recommended.

  • Made in the U.S.A.-Bolts are Grade2/C1010 Steel. Steel Cones, Bolts, Nuts, and Washers are plated according to ASTM Specification B 633.

* For extra corrosion resistance expansion bolts are also available with a Cadmium plating - lead times are 2 -3 weeks (minimum lot charge may apply).

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Expansion Bolt Chart

Depth given in Drilling Tables is for Average Concrete.  In poor Materials, Drill Deeper and use EXTRA Lead and Cones.

Type 1100

Type 2100

Type 5100


SizeCat.  No.

Lbs. Wt./C

Cat.  No.Lbs. Wt./CCat.  No.Lbs. Wt./CDia.Min. DepthStd. BoxStd. Ctn.
1/4 x 1 3/41121-006 3/42121-0085121-0081/2"1"100500
1/4 x 21122-0072122-008 1/45122-008 1/4
1/4 x 2 1/21124-007 1/22124-008 3/45124-008 3/4
1/4 x 31125-0082125-009 1/45125-009 1/4
1/4 x 3 1/21127-008 1/22127-009 3/45127-009 3/4
1/4 x 41128-0092128-0010 1/45128-0010 1/4
3/8 x 31141-00172141-00185141-00185/8"1 3/4"50250
3/8 x 3 1/21142-0018 1/22142-0019 1/25142-0019 1/2
3/8 x 41143-0019 1/22143-0020 1/25143-0020 1/2
3/8 x 51147-00222147-00235147-0023
3/8 x 61149-0023 1/42149-0024 1/45149-0024 1/4

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